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​Domino's Franchise in india

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Domino’s Pizza retail store

  • There are four formats of Domino's Pizza retail stores.

  • Traditional stores: - are retail outlets located primarily in shopping centers, strip centers and similar retail locations with suitable parking for the store's delivery vehicles and customers. Domino's Pizza Traditional Stores sell pizza and other authorized products through delivery and carry-out services.

  • Non-Traditional Stores: Sell Domino's Pizza and other authorized products and services at non-traditional locations. These locations include office buildings, shopping malls, stadiums, toll roads, airports, zoos, convenience stores and similar retail facilities.

  • Transitional Stores:- Domino's Pizza Transitional stores are located in select markets that have fewer potential customers than Domino's Pizza Traditional stores. They usually provide carry-out service as per the store's opening date and as the market conditions prevail.

  • The franchisor also issues licenses to large-scale public entertainment or similar facility operators, such as stadiums or their concessionaires, to sell approved products for a license fee on a facility sales basis. Licensee may sell pizza and other authorized products for carry-out service at the Facility.

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​Domino's franchise

Domino’s was established in 1960. It is the perceived world forerunner in pizza delivery. Domino's is recorded on the NYSE under the image "DPZ." As of the principal quarter of 2021 and through its worldwide impression, basically comprised of privately claimed and worked establishments, Domino's worked an organization of more than 17,800 diversified and organization possessed stores in the United States and more than 90 global business sectors.

The Domino's monetary model is based on solid money on-cash returns. Domino's worth have a high value due to its supply framework guarantees quality, consistency.

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​Domino's Franchise In India 


Domino’s franchise  Opportunities

Domino's has assembled its 50+ year accomplishment around its franchisees – autonomous entrepreneurs with a typical vision and mission to be the main pizza organization on the planet. A lot of this achievement has come from their franchise plan of action, which is essentially an inside based franchise framework.

Follow the way of over 95% of their franchise proprietors and figure out how to run and work a store or direct different stores, prior to putting resources into your own stores. Plan and figure out how to effectively work Domino’s business prior to purchasing their franchise business.

Current Domino's colleagues keen on diversifying should visit the Franchise Management School page on the organization's inner site, PieNet.

Why Franchise with Domino's is useful?

They have incredible individuals and extraordinary groups endeavoring to help you succeed. Champions don't make do with second spot and victors don't search for pardons. Domino's franchise proprietors and colleagues realize how to win.

Item Variety Shot - Extraordinary Products

Domino's keeps on being a pioneer in the pizza delivery industry, advancing around pizzas, sandwiches, treats and that's just the beginning. They cooperate with their franchise proprietors to forcefully test new menu things and advancements, and convey winning arrangements. Look at their menu or request online now and see with your own eyes.

Extraordinary Systems

From web based requesting and driving retail location innovation to joining forces with the best publicizing organizations and augmenting their buying power, Domino's proceeds to shape and drive the pizza conveyance industry. Have you seen their Domino’s Tracker®? It’s really incredible.

Incredible Support

Domino's has extraordinary support for all new franchise proprietors and has a solid emotionally supportive network set up that is centered on your tasks and your business. Actually like you, they are centered on your prosperity!

Extraordinary People

They give it a second thought and they help. It's that basic. Stores support public charitable accomplice St. Jude Children's Research Hospital® and neighborhood good cause, schools and associations. The Domino's Pizza Partners Foundation monetarily helps colleagues in the midst of difficulty and affliction.

A Great Opportunity

Domino's has a demonstrated model. They have solid unit financial matters and a minimal expense to open, assisting with creating solid money on-cash returns. They have made easy to deliver and carry out all menu items. Franchisor can sold only approved products. However franchisor can change the authorized products type time to time.

Term of Agreement and Renewal

The term length for the underlying establishment arrangement is 10 years. On the off chance that franchisees meet certain necessities, the arrangement can be recharged for a very long time.

Cost to establish Domino’s Franchise

Domino's Pizza Franchise Investment, Royalty charges and Profit:

At the point when you consider being a piece of a major franchise you need to contribute great measure of your economy. Anyway you can be guaranteed that your speculation won't be squandered as you will get great figure of return as well. By and by, the organization has a no of units running without help from anyone else and around 10,000 franchises everywhere on the world.

The expense of the Domino's establishment relies upon the arrangement of the area you decide to turn into a proprietor of. A conventional Domino's Pizza store would cost a speculation of around INR 30,00,000 and for a non-customary Domino's Pizza store the venture sum would associate with INR 50,00,000 to claim an establishment.

These are a portion of the significant figures that a financial backer needs to investigate, on the off chance that you choose to get into this; you should stroll alongside the ballpark esteem that we just examined.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is The Profit Margin Of Domino’s Franchise In India?

It's intriguing to know the overall revenue of Domino’s establishment In India, however as of now the overall revenue and careful figures are not revealed, we also have no strong data around it! However, it very well may be said that by putting this gigantic cash in one of the greatest pizza marks, an individual can expect INR 2-300000 every month (contingent on the area).

What Is The Expense Of Domino’s Franchise In India?

Costs, you need to pay the lease and in India, an ideal spot can cost you above INR 1L. Alongside that you  

additionally need to give the month to month compensations to your representatives and it can cost around INR 10,000-25,000 for one worker. It will increase with the quantity of representatives you have. You will also have to incur the fixed monthly expenses for your franchise store such as electricity etc.

What Are The Terms and Conditions Of Domino’s Franchise?

The franchise understanding that a franchisee needs to sign to open a temporary Domino's outlet is 5 years and on account of conventional, non-customary stores, the arrangement that a franchisee needs to sign is for a very long time.

Domino’s has a sovereignty charge of 5.5% of the store's week by week eminence deals and a 4% publicizing reserve is decreased for the non-conventional and the momentary stores and a couple of more costs thinking about preparing..

Contact details of Domino's Pizza establishment

The following are a portion of the useful contact insights regarding Domino's pizza establishment.

Jubilant FoodWorks limited registered and corporate office

B 214, Phase II, Noida – 201 305

Phone: +91 – 102 – 4090500, Fax: +91 – 120 – 40905599

Official website:

That’s all about Domino’s franchise. How to take and what will be the cost. On the off chance that you are prepared with the above mentioned, what are you sitting tight for? Become a Domino’s Franchise and make roughage while the sun sparkles.



Came here for lunch. Good pizza, efficient service. Baby/child seats available. Try the home-made tiramisu.

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The pizza is excellent, the base is thin and crisp and there is not too much topping.

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The restuarant is clearly popular as we did have to wait a little - it would appear you have more chance if you are happy to go inside which we did.

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